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Mangiare a casa? - Rache's recipe book!

I have always loved fresh, good quality food. Growing up with my parents' amazing home cooking, I never thought my own meals were anything spectacular. I still don't. However, after many recipe requests from friends and family with suggestions to stick said recipes in a book, I thought, "Well, why not?"... so here it is!

Mangiare a casa? : A bite-sized collection of recipes, thoughts and photographs to inspire healthy, creative eating at home.

This book is a snapshot of our changed eating habits over the past five years when we have mostly preferred eating at home. Our decision to change our diet was based on the desire to eat more fresh, unprocessed, environmentally friendly, healthy foods, mainly consisting of loads of local seasonal fruits and vegetables with hardly any dairy and only small amounts of meat and carbohydrates. In this time we have noticed a huge change in our personal health, all for the better.

Thanks to all our family and friends who have fed us, eaten with us and encouraged us in our learning, experiments, fads and healthy lifestyle. This one's for you. Enjoy!

                      Love Rache

Mangiare a casa? ("Eating at home?" in English!) contains four simple recipe chapters:

  • Fresh - Salads
  • Light - Light meals and snacks
  • Hearty - Meatier meals
  • Naughty - Sweets and desserts

Mangiare a casa? SAMPLE  Mangiare a casa? SAMPLE  Mangiare a casa? SAMPLE  Mangiare a casa? SAMPLE 

There are two versions available:


Title: Mangiare a casa?
ISBN: 978-0-9870705-0-0
Pages: 88, A4, 350gsm satin covers, 150gsm inside. Full colour 2450dpi CMYK offset print. PLASTIKOIL® binding (opens flat for ease of use).
Freight Option: Anywhere within Australia ($11.70 for up to 5 books)*

* International orders are also welcome. Please contact us for an accurate postage quote.

Electronic - $5 download

Title: Mangiare a casa?
ISBN: 978-0-9870705-1-7
Pages: 90, A4, Full colour RGB. 200ppi PDF - works great on PCs, iPads & Android devices!
Protection: None. Personal use, DRM-free license!
Size: 9.6Mb

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